We offer several package plans,

as well as á la carte design and marketing services!

drastic grafix smart setup guide

The Smart Setup Guide

A One of a Kind,


video guide series for

Every Online Business Owner!

• Easy to Understand
• Implement Quickly
• Super Cost Efficient
• Streamline Everything

• Downloadable Resources

drastic grafix start up starter kit

The Start-Up Starter Kit

The Start-Up Starter Kit is perfect for the ambitious entrepreneur, that has a well thought out business plan, and wants to get up and running quickly, and cost efficiently.  At the end of this 90 day period, you will have all of the crucial elements to look and function professionally, efficiently, and cost effectively.

drastic grafix private label plan

The Private Label Plan

If you've always had an idea for an apparel line that people will love, this is an unprecedented opportunity to avoid all of the road blocks that may have previously stood in your way en route to having your own apparel line. Your new Shop will be super easy to manage,  beyond cost efficient,  and generate new revenue streams.

drastic grafix full servie plans

Full-Service Plans

Drastic Grafix Full-Service Plans are ideal for businesses looking for a long-term, reliable solution for their branding, web, and marketing needs. All of our services are available as needed, a la carté, and we develop strategies and courses of action to help grow your business. These plans are designed to super-charge your business and make your life easier.  



    Your logo is the single most important visual representation of your brand. It is responsible for how people perceive your product or service, and can literally ‘make or break’ your business.



    The true core of Drastic Grafix is powerful graphic design. This can take many forms, but most often our graphic design services are utilized in online promotions, digital storytelling, post photo processing, and web design.


    We’ve been involved in some really cool clothing lines from start-ups brands, to Style Fashion Week. We love coming up with creative designs and illustrations, and patterns for apparel and merchandise.



    Our proven website design solutions are guaranteed to be modern, responsive, cost efficient, and effective. Most importantly, your site will have the most optimal relationship possible with Google, long-term.


    Within the realm of online advertising and web/social media presence, video is king. We love creatively utilizing video to capture viewer's attention, and convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. 


    Coming up with good content that people actually care about is not easy. We take that burden off of your shoulders, and streamline a plan of action so that you are putting out consistent, worthwhile visuals.


    The power of using social media and search engine databases to target your ad campaigns is truly incredible! It’s very easy make costly mistakes trying to DIY, so we highly recommend this service to all of our clients,


    We are so excited to now offer photography/videography to our clients in Southern California, we provide professional camera, lighting, and green screen. Also, post-processing photos by the batch, and stunning composites. 


    Many business owners find immense value in monthly consultation to develop strategies, streamline e-commerce, optimize social media marketing campaigns, and long-term web/SEO solutions.


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